Nissan Pathfinder


This are my first series of commercials done entirely on Flame, from conform to tape. 2 commercials for Nissan “Around view monitor” and “Easy 3rd Row” with 3 versions each, English, Saudi Arabic &┬áLebanese Arabic. Which means that the –reusable shots– were minimum and I had to do the same thing trice.

Something unexpected, a few days ago, while reading the news on while hovering the word “Street” this popped up. A funny surprise.

Nissan Reuters


Jotun vs. the Ordinary

Jotun is a premium paint brand in the UAE. They commissioned a series of commercials called “Jotun vs.” This is one of them which I like and had a few shots to work onto. Mostly all online work performed, cleanups, simple set extension, roto, and colour matching of the guys in the end so they could blend better into the painted background. Given the limitations of the paint job done onto the guys, the result is not perfect and some colours look much better than others. (Like the image used as a thumbnail for the video).

Room 77

Camilla Skovgaard is a very cosmopolitan shoe designer who hails from Denmark with a very particular and edgy style. This shortfilm almost 4 mins. long directed by Ali F. Mostafa (Director of City of life Site OfficialIMDb) and shot in -hot.and.sticky Dubai-. The film was produced to be premiered at Paris and NY Fashion weeks.

Shot in Alexa, edited, graded, comped + all CGI done @ Optix Digital Pictures Dubai during 2012.

I loved working on this project, although it was very hard work. I’ve got all the shots with no green-screen, which should be read as “Dude u need to roto everything”… All the roto was done in Mocha and then the shapes taken to Smoke. Which basically lead to find a bug in the Mocha export module for Autodesk products, which after reported and confirmed (is supposed) to be fixed now.

I will try to post a few before and afters if I ever find the Smoke archive (I know, I always say that…) but I doubt so since it was around 200GB and thankfully off my Stone array now. (This was done with an older storage I had for Smoke which was very small and slow, 400 mb/s, not the nicest.

The asian actress in the bathroom had a terrible acne problem at the time of the shoot, I’ve reconstructed her face almost entirely as seamless as I could, part of it in Smoke and part of it in Mocha.

Lot’s of CGI, I wish I had the chance to comp the moth but this time. Also I wish smoke had a projector like Flame, but again, not for you, not today!

Mercedes Benz – M Class – English

If you are here from Vimeo you will have to read this twice, if not, well, carry on. :)

I Abused the new Vimeo+ option this one is Full HD ready.

One of my first projects as a Smoke artist. This one is approximately 1 year old. Worked mostly on cleanups here and there. Heavily graded footage Shot in Alexa. Car shot comped by the in-house Flame artist Tallen Chow.

Sorry no before and after or breakdowns, this project has been archived long ago. If you’ve ever archived anything in an Autodesk product u will understand.


3 of the commercials I’ve comped for the Japanese brand Vitaene C commissioned by Ogilvy Dubai won 3 Gold Lynx Awards. The spots feature Sumo wrestlers performing unsual stuff. The spots which won are Sumo Fragrance of power, a mock of a perfume commercial. Sumo Occasions, featuring different occasions when to drink Vitaene in different times of the day and outfits. And Sumo Breakdance, which it’s name makes it quite obvious.

I couldn’t get a hold of the onlines to upload to my Vimeo account, but I could find one of them in the Lynx 12 account. and here it is.


Edit 16-04-2013

You can check all the winning edits down here and also there’s more info in the link form the Dubai Lynx awards. Super low res, I know, and stolen from the Lynx website, but i preferred to host a copy of them myself.

More info here.


The Box, Two of the comercials I’ve done for Leo Burnett Dubai have been featured in the front page of Jazzarah.

You can check it in the link or you can check my post for one of the comercials. Although Cited as an editor, not TD or compositor is always good to find out about a feature and specially when it’s by pure chance. Let’s see how it does during the awards.