Demo reel 2014

2014 Installment baby, first release of the year!


Kinder Bueno

This is a nice one. The commercial features usual cleanups, but there are two consumption shots… well turns out this consumption shots were shot with two chocolate bars. Due to legal stuff the company can only show one chocolate bar, so I had to “remove” the second one, reconstructing hair, part of the jaw, clothes (which was being blown by the wind), some background and a little here and there. Challenging but very cool, done in Nuke, while all the other cleanups in Smoke.

I will include a breakdown and a few screenshots as soon as I find some time to write it properly, meanwhile, enjoy the vid.

Just like Nescafé, shot in Lebanon by Clandestino films and directed by the cool Andre Chammas.

Jotun vs. the Ordinary

Jotun is a premium paint brand in the UAE. They commissioned a series of commercials called “Jotun vs.” This is one of them which I like and had a few shots to work onto. Mostly all online work performed, cleanups, simple set extension, roto, and colour matching of the guys in the end so they could blend better into the painted background. Given the limitations of the paint job done onto the guys, the result is not perfect and some colours look much better than others. (Like the image used as a thumbnail for the video).