Shangri-la – Abu Dhabi

Although not the final online or audio, the edit remains the same, just my version lacks of branding =)

I will post a little before and after as in the Qatar post later on, meanwhile you can check the crystal clear video. Lots of grading and clean up, also, the dark shots required an incredible amount of de-grain, details to be posted later on with the images.


Qatar international women forum

HD version available on vimeo click here!

Simple and nice project. No fancy stuff here. Some stabilization, cleanup and grading. This project was shot in the “Pre Epic-M days” with a MarkII and lovely Zeiss lenses. After the edit, all the footage was exported in Tiff. Then I’ve treated in nuke to reduce the rolling shutter and optical flow. Afterwards had to rebuild the edit in Generation and start the grading and Noise reduction in Fusion.
I’m quite satisfied with the colour, hence here it is for your own eye pleasure!

And here you have a before and after for a few shots, you can also check the compression artefacs and how the treatment affected them.