Siemiradzka, a Polish surname, which is not mine but I’m somehow related to. It’s also a brand, or it tries to be. Siemiradzka is a part of me that somehow remains silent behind other (more powerful) influences and heritage.

My name is Fernando, I’m a graphic designer and vfx compositor. Recently -during the last year- became also an online artist. I’m a VFX compositor/artist,  who a couple of years ago was kinda forced to play the  technical director of a studio in the Middle East. Back in the day when I started with computer graphics, I was a 3d Maya artist, started as a generalist (actually a NURBs modeller, yeah u rear it right, NURBS) and then escalated into shading until I met my first compositing love, Shake 3.

Even before all this mumbo-jumbo, while in high-school I got flared by Silicon Graphics computers. Spent most of my teenage years and early adult life trying to own an O2, although my dream was an Octane to run Maya and Flame on it. Well they did come into my life quite late, around 2009, And not only I did get a top of the line Octane, I’ve got a second one for free, but wait there’s more… with Mistika, Jaleo, Shake and Mokey licenses! Even a SGI raid -noisy and super heave as we like them-. Turns out by then I was already taking Flame lessons with a friend during weekends. But there’s something about those systems that just seems right.

Geeky by nature, now in every aspect of my work, Japanese speaker, avid sushi eater. Argentinean by origin, Italian by blood, Arab by residence, this is my blog and hope you to enjoy the ride!

Feel free to drop me a line of you like my stuff or have any comments, always welcome to know what people think.