3 of the commercials I’ve comped for the Japanese brand Vitaene C commissioned by Ogilvy Dubai won 3 Gold Lynx Awards. The spots feature Sumo wrestlers performing unsual stuff. The spots which won are Sumo Fragrance of power, a mock of a perfume commercial. Sumo Occasions, featuring different occasions when to drink Vitaene in different times of the day and outfits. And Sumo Breakdance, which it’s name makes it quite obvious.

I couldn’t get a hold of the onlines to upload to my Vimeo account, but I could find one of them in the Lynx 12 account. and here it is.


Edit 16-04-2013

You can check all the winning edits down here and also there’s more info in the link form the Dubai Lynx awards. Super low res, I know, and stolen from the Lynx website, but i preferred to host a copy of them myself.

More info here.


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