Amr Diab – Banadeek Ta’ala – عمرو دياب – بناديك تعالى

Banadeek ta’ala, Amr Diab’s last album and single and first vid for this album.
We shot this video on Red Epic, two camera setup one Epic M and One Epic X.
I don’t think I can post breakdowns for the moment and due to agreements but I was in charge of the compositing. Small team of two compositors and one rotoscope artist.
All comped in Nuke, some shots quite simple some others really long and lots of work. The online was done in another department over the shots I’ve supervised and comped. Out of the 57 shots I’ve managed to finish 43.
Cant really say much more than the long shots were quite challenging to keep all the animations, grids and splines not to jump or do funny wobbles. Nuke proven to be a fantastic tool for this particular case although sometimes quite temperamental.

Thats about it guys. It was pretty much straighforward!


Cadillac – Premium care program – English

Really nice piece for Caddi, in my opinion, the technical execution was very nice and clever. Heavy render effects like depth of field and motion blur were done 100% in Fusion. The depth of field is OpenGl based and quite fast to render (If you have a Quadro of course) ;)

Will be adding a little breakdown soon but don’t expect fancy stuff here, lately I barely have time for anything.