Dubai cares – Walk for education

You can watch the video directly on vimeo click here!

This piece was animated in Maya 2010 and rendered in toon shader. The main problem I’ve encountered was that when I received the FBX file, it didn’t match the timing of the render, although the camera animation was correct. The problem was the use of a new Feature in maya 2010 to stretch the animation, which apparently, is not baked or translated into the FBX file during export. Finally the guys ended up stretching it the old-school way and correcting the animation curves and re-rendering.

My part was the look development and technical creation plus compositing of the piece. I’ve got a reference and I needed to emulate basically three concepts, chalk feeling, detail and depth. For which I used Fusion’s 3d environment and the camera I’ve got from the guys over FBX.

Bipin Vinayan, the studio’s animator drew the objects in a chalkboard and then photographed them. The resulting images, were later imported in Fusion where I created a transparency map by channels or keying.

They girl went through a little test phase, and we experimented different looks and passes to achieve the desired texture. In the end was a mixture of two layers from Maya, After effects for those two layers and then some Fusion. Part of the progression is shown next.

After the images were treated for transparency and colour, I’ve positioned all of them in 3d planes in Fusion’s 3dspace, and set all the render nodes. The project was fully rendered in OpenGL. You can see the 3d setup and the flow in the next image, click for a larger version.

So, the setup was done, the comp was there, It was just a case of pressing render and we were ready to go! If you’ve seen the video, you know the result, but to get there I needed many different passes to composite together. For the interested ones, some of the passes are shown in the next image, a few are missing because they are not present thought out the timeline, but trust me, they are there!

So basically that’s all guys, particles, where pre rendered for performance and added later mapped into a plane as the background or all the other images used. That’s about it, hope u enjoyed!


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