Adidas running

Really nice project to be working in. A design/Mograph studio called Kid~Gaucho (link) commissioned two pieces. Two 2 to 3 mins. experimental mograph representing different themes for predefined Adidas segments. They’ve given me Adidas running and Adidas football!

The “somewhat lack of content” it’s because this was a projection and there were live performances in front of the screens. There’s no video, but during the Adidas originals segment I’ve painted a graffiti with other guys, amazing job. Insanely it was all done in Fusion 5 ;). I was/am quite not the best After FX operator.

This is not a proper style-frame. Usually a style-frame is done before the project and I did this thingy after just to show it. I’m uploading it to vimeo today or tomorrow. Meanwhile, you can check this one. This one was before my “Dubai life” and just noticed that the soundtrack is kinda Arabic, just found the DVD today.

Adidas running


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